Devil's Panties Pretty Princess Plushie!

Created by Jennie Breeden

Everyone needs a little Princess in their life.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Hasta la Hello!
over 7 years ago – Thu, Jul 28, 2016 at 10:54:04 PM

Oh hey.

It looks like Kickstarter has added this neato "Collaborator" feature, so I can stop wearing Jennie's skin while I do my little dances.

And now, for my next number: a horribly overdue jig set to a happy little dirge.

This Kickstarter, near as we can tell, has been completed for about a year. But we like totally kept it secret from everyone by not saying so. We're so sorry for that, our update game has been weak.

However, the Pretty Princess was produced, and we love it, and we hope you love it too. We usually put a fair bit of effort into our products, and the Princess makes me smile even when I have to haul boxes of little rascals up and down the stairs.

So thank you all for making her possible.

In return, by this point everyone should have received their Backer rewards. Shortly after our last update we sent our Zebra printer into Ludicrous Speed, and shipped out all the things. If something hasn't made it to you, now is the time to let us know!

We hope you enjoy your rewards, and we look forward to making more awesome things together with you.

Thanks for everything.


Thank you for your Patience!
over 8 years ago – Mon, Aug 10, 2015 at 04:10:33 PM

I've got most of the princesses mailed out (I think) but I still have more to go.

Thank you so much for being so very patient with me!

The Princess Doll would not exist without you.

Have some wallpaper.


Princess ThankYou Wallpaper
Princess ThankYou Wallpaper

They're Here!
over 8 years ago – Sun, Aug 02, 2015 at 05:48:39 AM

The Princesses have arrived!

We will begin shipping in 24 hours. Last chance to make sure your address is current!!

Dolls are almost here!
over 8 years ago – Sun, Jul 19, 2015 at 10:09:00 PM

We've received word from our partner that the Princess plushes are scheduled to arrive at their warehouse on June 25th.

If it goes anything like the last Kickstarter, this means it'll be a week or two from that date till 1200 princesses invade our apartment, and a week or two hence till we send out every last doll to their new homes.

Thank you all for being so patient, we'll keep you posted on anything else.

With any luck, the next post will be a picture of the most adorable pallet of boxes on the planet.


Princess Update!
over 8 years ago – Thu, Apr 23, 2015 at 04:03:56 PM

Our partners in China have recovered, and we've received what we hope is the final Princess doll prototype. There's 1 minor issue left to resolve before we approve the design and start manufacturing. 

Once we approve it we'll be able to give a final timeframe for production and delivery.

We're sorry for the continued delay, but we really wanted to get this right!

We've sent out Sketches, Art, and Books to people who have pledged for them, and the next batch will include all remaining rewards, including the Princess plush.

Meanwhile, take a peek at the updated plush!

We hope to have them in your hands soon.